Beans. Boston Beans.

So I’ve officially heard Will Smiths’ “Summer Time” anthem and that means summah is here!! Yes I said summah. Summer time for me means spending time with my family in the beautiful metropolis of Boston. This year I spent my 4th of July in the BeanTown. I always enjoy traveling to Boston, it is such a historical town and there are so many fun things to do. I’ve been coming ever since I was a little girl and even lived there for a while and yet still have not seen all of the sights this enchanting town offers. It was so hard to say goodbye!

We stopped through the Quincy Market and with it being so hot I needed to rehydrate. I paid $7 bucks for this piña colada but ohhhh it was so good!

Also while visiting I moseyed my way to the North Shore Mall. My cousin works at the MAC store so I had to feed my addiction with a few purchases. My cousin Asiya is an exceptional makeup artist and she has even beat the faces of a few reality stars. Check out some of her work here
and if you are ever in need of a MUA do contact her. I will be doing a feature on her so please stayed tuned for that. I’m not being bias because she is family either, she is really good at what she does!



Glasses ~ eBay
Sandals ~ Torrid
Kimono ~ Wet Seal
Lipstick ~ MAC “Jist”




That’s right, GO SOX!!! …and Patriots, Celtics, Bruins… You get the memo. #Winning




I swear the bronze bat woman creeped me out. She looked liked the creature from the “Jeepers Creepers” movie.


These photos were taken downtown next to the aquarium. If you look closely you will see that all of the white specs in the water are actually jelly fish. There were literally thousands of them. I’d hate to fall in that water!

The best seafood you will ever eat is definitely in the New England area. I knew darn well I didn’t need ANY fried food, but whole clams with bellies, scallops and jumbo shrimp.. Laaaaawd jeezus it’s a fawr!!!!! Check out my husbands lobster roll made with CHUNKS of fresh lobster. Yum.




We went to Salem Willows in Salem, MA. You may have heard of Salem because it’s the town known for the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600’s. Anyway my brother took his nephew for a ride on the merry go round and my dad snapped a really cute photo. My son just loved his uncle to pieces! Remember the movie “BIG”? Well, I took a picture of the Zoltan fortune teller because it reminded me of the one from the movie. But I’m already big enough, I wasn’t fooling with that thing. Especially not in Salem!!





I had to wear my red, white and blue on the 4th. My husband was the odd ball but my son and I were festive. My wig was from Hair Sisters and I absolutely loved it. So many people thought it was my real hair. How cute is my boy though!?!

Wig ~ Hair Sisters (Vanessa)
Shirt ~ Thrifted (DIY)
Leather Midi Skirt ~ Fashion To Figure
Shoes ~ Classic Chuck Taylor’s
Earrings ~ DIY

Lipstick ~ MAC “Sushi Kiss
Glasses ~ eBay



Aden had so much fun in Boston! I can’t wait to go back. He loves representing in his Boston hat (despite being born in Nashville)!!

Toodles dude 😘


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