Memphis In May

The month of May always brings so much enjoyment for me. May flowers, beautiful weather, Cinco De Mayo (though I don’t celebrate like I used to), Memorial Day festivities and of course my birthday! This year I decided to take a weekend trip to Memphis. I have always wanted to visit Beale street and I’ve heard the time to go was during their “Memphis In May” events. Memphis also has an abundance of African American history. While there I made it appoint to visit the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Very poignant moment for me…





The woman in the above picture is named Jacqueline Smith. She has been protesting outside of the motel for 26 years. Once a worker of the hotel she was also the last resident. When the city decided to turn the motel into a civil rights museum she barricaded herself in before before being carried out by the sheriff’s deputies. When I spoke to Jacqueline she said “Memphis has the 5th highest crime rate in the nation. There are many homeless people here and in need of shelter. This site is a money maker for the city and it is doing nothing for the African American community.” Good point. I mean if the motel was housing many people I’m sure Dr. King would not have wanted them forced out of what they called home. Visit her website Fulfill The Dream to learn more about her story.


Beale street was full of bars and tourist. At night I’m sure many locals came to hang out because it was a huge party in the street. There were people everywhere. We even had to wait in line just to get on the street! The street is also known for its famous drink called the “Walk Me Down. It’s a concoction made up of 100 proof grain alcohol, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec and rum. Yeah. If your’re brave (and not driving) you can purchase one in a 100 ounce container for $30. I settled for a 16 ounce piña colada from Wet Willies.






We dined on Beale at a spot called “Johnny G’s Creole Kitchen” and the next day a place called “Local Gastropub”. It was good though I’m not surprised considering Memphis is also known for it’s good food. My diet went completely out if the window this weekend. Completely.

We went to a dog race! I’ve never done anything like that so I figured it would be interesting. I won $1.40, lol.




Check out my gold GRILLZZZ! Gotta pick up the southern custom though, lol.

Toodles dude😘

Dress ~ Asos
Glasses ~ Karma Loop
Sandals ~ Lane Bryant


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