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Au Naturel

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this post finds you all living well and happily blessed. 2013 was such a great year for me so I’m excited to see what this year has in store. My first blog post of the new year I wanted to share with you the hair care products that I swear by. Having been perm free since March of 2011 I am really picky as of what products I use on my hair. When I first went natural everyone was telling me “don’t use this” and “use that” or “never use products with sulfate”. Well, I listened at first until l found that what works for everyone else sure as heck was not working for me. Another thing I heard was “What hair type are you?”. HUH?? UHHHH?? Let me get back to you, was my only response. So I set out to research my hair type and found that it was merely a way to determine how “good” your hair is. No ma’am. I will NOT the defined by my naps, kinks, coils and curls (that I happen to love)! I believe India Arie said it best when she said “I am NOT my hair”. But for your amusement I have posted the chart for your viewing pleasure…



Anyway, what I will say about my hair is it can get really dry, coarse and unmanageable. So when my best friend introduced me to Joico K-Pac Conditioner I figured it was worth a shot. I loved how soft it left my hair feeling. After I wash my hair I condition it, put a plastic cap on and wash it out the next day but with this conditioner leaving it on a few minutes seemed to really do wonders.

As a moisturizer I apply Organic Coconut oil and Unrefined Shea butter. I swear by Shea butter because after consistent use you’ll be surprised at how soft it will make your hair. My mother and I share similar hair textures so I’ve introduced it to her and she now totally agrees.



Since becoming natural I’ve found that it’s a lot harder to maintain. So for the most part I’ll wear my hair in protective styles like braids or weave. But in between those styles I like to let my hair breath so I will wear it out. I don’t like applying too much heat so I’ll usually twist it up. Doing that I found that the best products for twisting (for me) are Carols Daughter Marguerites Magic and Jane Carter Twist & Lock. The Carols Daughter product is little thicker and provides a little more moisture for me but both of them are great products.



I wanted to share with you all a before and after photo of my hair journey. When I first moved to Nashville my beautician went a little scissor happy and my trim became a hair cut. But by using these products and using less heat my hair grew drastically in 1 year!







To everyone one who may be hit by the winter storm stay warm and build a snow man for me!!!



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