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Rue Rue Woo

Happy Holidays! Wow, I can’t believe 2013 has already come and gone so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I started this blog. In fact December 7th marked my one year “blogiversary”! I know I was not as consistent as I would have liked to been, but I’m excited that I am still blogging one year later. As you all may (or may not) know, I’ve recently had a baby. An amazing little boy to be exact. He’s one of the reasons I’ve been an absent blogger lately. During my pregnancy I gained almost 60 pounds! I went through all kinds of hormonal changes therefore, I just wasn’t feeling myself and blogging was the last thing on my mind. But I knew that eventually I’d return to my new found passion and here I am!

I wanted to do an outfit/ product review post since it’s been so long. I surprised my family and came home for the holidays so today we went shopping to spend that good old Christmas cash. The sales are really good after the holidays so it’s become a tradition to take advantage. Plus I’ve been wanting to rock my “RiRi Woo” lipstick from the MAC Rihanna collection and today I had an opportunity to do just that! Check me (Rue) out…

Let me just say that I LOVE this lipstick. I’m a sucker for a red lip and this shade I absolutely adore. I’ve actually had it since the collection came out but I never got around to wear it.

My mom kept asking me “Is that the same lipstick you’ve had on all day?” That’s because I applied this lipstick around two in the afternoon, didn’t remove it until midnight and it was still fresh and vibrant. I mean I had eaten several times and that lipstick stayed put the entire time. I love that’s it’s a matte finish, it’s totally worth my purchase.


I was feeling my lipstick and my earrings today. I got these bad boys from
Fashion To Figure on Black Friday for around three bucks. Lord knows I love a good bargain.


This was taken around 11:30 at night and my lipstick looked as if I had just applied it.

Kisses anyone?


Posing with my love bug and my little sis.
I don’t think my son is too fond of shopping, but hopefully he will grow into it because mama loves to shop and he will be taken along many a day!

Ok guys so I’m going to try to do one more post before the year is up (in a few days) so I’ll love ya later…

Toodles dude..😘

Lipstick ~ MAC RiRi Woo
Glasses ~ eBay
Headband ~ Torrid
Boots ~ Torrid (last year)
Army Jacket ~ Uncle Sams
Leg Warmers ~ eBay


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