Are We There Yet?

March 19, 2013 will forever be a life changing day for me. I had no idea of the road that God had placed before me but I am forever grateful that He did. So far my pregnancy has been going great. I was one of the lucky ones to avoid the morning sickness and strange cravings but the swelling of my feet and aching groin I guess is just inevitable. I mean it literally feels like I’ve been kicked in my crotch! But I digress. I know it may seem as if I’ve been avoiding my blog lately and well, truth be told, I have. I have just not been in the mood to do anything and I’ve been feeling rather blah lately. Lets just say I don’t wake up feeling like a beauty queen nor do I feel like putting in any effort to look like one. But each movement I feel inside of my womb is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt.

I wanted to share with you 3 items that I’ve been using on a daily. My hormones have my skin feeling rather reptilian these days and my hair (though has grown) has been feeling somewhat anhydrous.

All I have to say is praise God for St. Ives. Instant hydration in a bottle. I’m in love with this body wash!

Before I was pregnant I’ve seen women sporting these cute little balls of lip balm. I never really fed into them until my lips started to spread (among other things) and became dry and chapped. So I decided I’d give this product a try and I’m so glad I did. I chose the “sweet mint” flavor and the cooling sensation leaves my lips feeling marvelous and rejuvenated!

Since my hair has been natural I usually don’t experiment with too many different types of hair products. I’m really iffy about what I use on my hair. But I was recommended this product by a gentleman who owns a beauty supply store. The description says “14 in 1 hair miracle” and that it is! I’ve been using it as a heat protector and I really like the feeling and shine it leaves on my hair. Totally worth the $4.99!

Last but not least I wanted to show you what I’ve been craving on my baby registry. The first product is called a Mamaroo. It looks like a futuristic space chair for babies. It mimics the motion that babies feel in and outside of the the womb.

I believe I can speak for all mothers when I say that I will constantly hover over my child while sleeping, checking to see if they are ok. When I found out about the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper I was all in. The idea of being able to roll over at night to check on my baby or to comfort and feed him when in need is very important to me. This bassinet will allow me to do that without having to get out of bed.


Well folks… Fatigue is setting in. I’m in my last trimester and it kind of feel is like the first all over again. I’m sooooo tired! So I will blog with you lovelies lata…

Toodles dude! 😜



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