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So This Is Love…

Yesterday, May 26, I celebrated my 31st birthday. Someone once told me that after you turn 21 the time just starts to fly by. Boy were they right! It’s hard to believe that was only 10 “short” years ago. But none the less each of those years were blessings. Some of them were trying years and some were great but all of them blessings. This weekend God blessed me with another great year of life and a wonderful weekend to celebrate. It all started with a surprise viewing of “The Lion King” on broadway in downtown Nashville.


The picture really does no justice but is was an AMAZING show!

I wore my leggings from ASOS and paired it with a peplum top. Originally I was going to wear a pair of Lola Shoetique wedges but with the pregnancy my feet among everything else has become so swollen that I opted for a comfy pair of flat sandals.

By the time Saturday came I was so excited, for I knew the events were sure to be great considering we started with a Big Bang! I was right, the pampering continued. This day my boyfriend surprised me with His and Her pedicures…


..followed by a day at the spa where we received full body massages and facials accompanied by the smooth tunes of BabyFace! It was SO relaxing. We ended the evening with dinner and a movie!

So finally Sunday (my birthday) came and by this time I was like a kid on Christmas Day! I couldn’t wait to see what my boyfriend planned next. After he fixed me a yummy birthday breakfast we got ourselves together and headed out. He had planned a day for us at the Nashville Zoo!

After leaving the zoo we drove around Nashville to kill time before our next event. Around 7 o’clock we headed towards our final destination. After searching for parking we made our way to “The Melting Pot” where my boyfriend had made dinner reservations! When we got to our seats I was greeted by a table full of fresh, red rose petals and a single long stem rose. The lighting was perfect and we were tucked away in an intimate corner, it was so romantic!

So we wined and dined our selves with fruits and breads dipped in cheese fondue, and surf and turf entrees! Everything tasted to good!

For desert the waiter brought out an assortment of sweets that we dipped in dark chocolate mixed with dulce de leche and topped with sea salt. The plate they were presented on read “Happy Birthday”, and there was a lit candle on a slither of cheesecake!

The night was coming to an end when the server dropped off a black gift bag to our table. Up until that point the only things I adored in a black bag came from MAC Cosmetics! Inside of the bag was a card signed by the entire staff congratulating me on our baby to be, also inside was a little Onsie for the baby that read “Little Dipper”! I thought it was very sweet of them and officially put “The Melting Pot” on the top of my list for favorite places to dine.

Our evening concluded and I left completely overwhelmed! I thought the celebration had finally come to an end and I was so grateful for such a wonderful weekend. But, there was more. Something happened the NEXT day that just completely blew the weekend out of the water!

Around 6am my boyfriend comes into the bedroom and hands me a pile of scratch off tickets. I’m always buying them so he occasionally would bring me some home. I rarely win but it’s the thrill of knowing there is a chance! Anyway I was exhausted from the weekend so I thanked him, grabbed the tickets and rolled back over. About two hours later I woke up and started to get myself together for the day. My boyfriend was still sleeping. I grabbed my tickets to start scratching away! I decided to scratch the smaller one first titled “Dreams Come True”. What I found on that ticket was priceless. A ticket that held more value then a million dollar winning lotto. It simply revealed “Will You Marry Me”?

My face lit up like the North star as I ran into the bedroom. I started tapping on my boyfriends face with the card. He rolled over, squinted his eyes and says “did you win anything?”. By then I’m grinning from ear to ear and all I could say was “yes, yes I did”. He sat up and starting scrounging around looking for something, then he says to me “LaRue Danielle Goler, I know we’ve been through a lot and have a big future on the way. I can’t see my life going on without you and I love you… (There was more but I was so caught up in emotions I just blacked out) What I heard next was “Will you marry me?” He then pulls out a Vera Wang box from her LOVE collection and with a face full of tears I said YES!

BUT there is more! He then started to tell me how he contacted my father and asked for two things: 1. His blessing for my hand in marriage. 2. A video of him granting his request. So my fiancé then tells me to go get the iPad. I ran into the living room, ran back into the room and he then pulls up a video. I didn’t think the tears would ever stop falling from my face…

Words just can’t describe how smitten I am right now. My only words to myself are from a song sung by Cinderella…
So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I’m all aglow, Mmmmmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings, Mmmmmm
And I can fly
I’ll touch ev’ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of
Mmmmmm mmmmm
So this is LOVE


…and they live happily ever after…


One thought on “So This Is Love…

  1. Seriously, that is absolutely beautiful! I have tears falling down my face of joy and extreme excitement! I’m so happy for you two! I wish nothing but the best for the three of you, for you Rue, I always have! Girl that ring is the truth!!! Antonio you truly are her prince! Love you girl and God bless!

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