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The Laughing Cow

If anyone really knows me they would know that dieting is the story of my life. My weight is like a yoyo, up and down, up and down. I think my problem is that I enjoy good food and anything sweet with icing oozing off the side. Eating is sometimes something fun to do, I enjoy trying new foods. But as much as I enjoying eating I do have to learn to eat properly otherwise all of that fattening fun will get the best of me. Today for lunch I made “cucumber subs”. Surprisingly they were rather tasty and only 155 calories. Whaaaaaat? Tasty AND low in calories? Sign me up…

Here is what I did!

Start by cutting off each end of the cucumber and then slice it in half.

Next I scooped out the seeds and placed them into a bowl for later. I then seasoned the inside with original Mrs. Dash and garlic powder. I also squirted a few Dijon Mustard drops into one of them.


I rolled up 6 slices of turkey placed them inside of the scooped cucumber and spread the turkey with “The Laughing Cow” Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread”.

And there you have it!

Delicious and healthy!

Also with my scooped cucumber insides, I added a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the bowl and seasoned with Mrs. Dash, garlic powder, basil and a packet of stevia. Nothing went to waste and it was all hearty, healthy and yummy! Now I’m off to 3 o’clock Zumba, woo hoo!!

Toodles dude! 😃


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