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International Style

Last month I received my very first Glossy Box and I was extremely impressed with the contents inside. There was nail polish, lipstick, perfume and all kinds of things that made me rejoice. Needless to say they set the bar pretty high, I was looking forward to see what this month would bring. So when I received my box today it was like Christmas, I couldn’t wait to open it. It didn’t really compare to last month but I was still enamored with my little pink box!

Allow me show you what came inside of my “International Style” box!

Apparently all of the boxes are normally pink and the grey (Man Repeller) box I received last month was a special edition so I guess I subscribed at the right time. My Glossy Box subscription is only $21 a month by the way, and it’s totally worth it for the high end products that you receive.

Once again it was presented very well and as you all may or may not know, I am all about presentation.


1. Nail Rock – Nail wraps designed to last up to 10 days.

2. Bvlgari Soap – This soap smells really good and has high reviews. I can’t wait to try it!

3. Evologie Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream

4. Da Vinci Shimmer Powder (Dejavous) – Versatile shimmering mineral powder that can be used as eye shadow, blush, brow or cheek highlighter.


5. Lisi Liquid Eyeliner (Hocus Pocus) – This liner I really liked and can’t wait to try. It’s really prominent and I like the glitter effect.

I wonder what next months Glossy Box will bring! Hmm…

Toodles dude 😃


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