Bahama MaMa

It took all of my might not to tell my boyfriend where we were going for his 30th birthday. Up until we arrived to Port Canaveral he was convinced we were going to Miami. I decided to surprise him with a cruise to the Bahamas! This was our first time on a cruise and his first time out of the country so I knew it would be a good experience for us both. During our time on the boat Carnival kept us entertained with great shows, good food and drinks, digital scavenger hunts and my personal fave, the casino. Looking about into the most graceful, bluest, translucent waters is how I spent most of my days on board. When we arrived to our first stop Freeport, I made it a priority to explore the island. While in Freeport we visited Junkanoo Beach, walked along the captivating shore line and indulged in Conch Salad and frozen daiquiris. I swear the Bahamas has the best piña coladas I’ve ever tasted in my life. We visited a local daiquiri stand twice and each time I was delighted by my frozen drink presented in the shell of a coconut. I would have gone to that stand many more times but we ran out of time. After exploring Freeport our next stop was Nassau. It was there when we actually did a full excursion. We decided we would do a mini submarine tour of the coral reef. My boyfriend doesn’t know how to swim so it was the safest way to explore underwater and still get a snorkeling/scuba diving experience. The submarines kind of reminded me of little scooters. While under I seen an assortment of tropical fish and even swam above a shark! It was amazing. After our submarine adventure on our way back to the boat we spotted a pod of dolphins. Seeing them jump in and out of the water was the highlight of our day, it was such a tranquil site.

Here are a few moments of our vacation!

This was our ship. It was called the “Sensation”.

I snapped this picture on our way inside the boat. I was so excited I was almost running!


This was actually my second drink on board the boat. It was called “The Fun Ship”. Not a wise choice for me because unbeknownst to me it actually had like 5 different liquors in it. Between jet lag, a piña colada and “The Fun Ship” my first night on the “Sensation” ended fairly quickly. K.O..

First stop – Freeport, Bahamas!

I believe I snapped this photo the second go round at this stand!



Mango Colada. Yummers!! (And I don’t even like mango)..


Enjoying a colada listening to Caribbean tunes.

This guy said verbatim, “Conch salad will make you f**k all night. You’ll be walking like a penguin.”

We tried the conch salad but not to test his theory.

Walking along Junkanoo Beach.

This is the machine in the casino that won me $100!

All thanks due to my lucky hat. Go Celts!!

In Nassau on our way to our submarine adventure! Beautiful view!


These are the mini submarines!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t suppose to steal this photo but my face was priceless! I had so much fun!

There were so many fish!

Blending in with the ambiance is boyfriend acting silly!

How merciful is our God? What a wonderful world, beautiful.

My boyfriend’s official debut on my blog! It was so windy out my hair kept flying in his face!

So there you have it though its not even a fraction of the pictures I took. We had such a great time and are already planning our next cruise! The Bahamas is a beautiful island and I recommend you visit!

Toodles Dude! 😃


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