Smoke Something Pt. 2

“Aaaa, E, I, O, Uuu, A, E, I, O, Uuu, A, E, I, O, Uuuu…” Sound familiar? Probably not. It’s from the childhood classic “Alice In Wonder Land”. It was sung by the caterpillar who sat upon a mushroom, smoked Hookah and sang the vowels. On the contrary it could have very well been something other then tobacco in that pipe, but that’s up to our collective imaginations. Disney is known for sneaking in inferences that only an adult could understand every now and then. But I digress.. Tonight I went to a Hookah bar for the first time and from my experience it was just that, an experience, but not for me. We arrived just in time for happy hour so I ordered up a $3 glass of Riesling, an appetizer and of course… Hookah.

Here is a glimpse of my day!

On my way to the Hookah bar we stopped to snap a few pictures!







Blurry photo yes I know, but I like how the fringes on my shirt were blowing. Windy days sometimes makes for great photography.



Aladdin’s Hookah Lounge, downtown Nashville.



The Hookah flavor we chose was called “Triple M” it stood for mango, melon and mint. I was expecting a more robust flavor. It hardly tasted like any of the “3 M’s” I was promised but every now and then you could taste a hint of mango.

This is where I was singing the vowels.

The food was good and the drinks were inexpensive. Over all I had a good evening. I’m not sure if I’d smoke Hookah again because I’m no smoker and I’m pretty sure the surgeon general doesn’t approve of it. But it was a new experience and I’ve been hearing so much about it so I’m glad I went.



This is the lipstick I wore today. It’s called “Creme de’ Nude” by MAC. I love wearing makeup that looks natural. Don’t get me wrong I love a red lip too but for the most part the makeup I wear is really subtle.

So that’s my day! Sorry it took me so long to update, I’m getting ready to go on vacation and I’ve been really busy trying to get ready for that. Ok so I guess I’ll love ya later…

Pants ~ ASOS
Blazer ~ Forever21
Shirt ~ Torrid
Shoes ~ Forever21
Clutch ~ Forever21
Glasses ~ eBay
Earrings ~ Body Central

Toodles dude! 😃


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