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I’m Too Sexy.

If you were born before 1990 then you’d likely remember the one hit wonder song titled “I’m Too Sexy”. You know- the song where the guy’s too sexy for his shirt on the Catwalk. Well.. when I was contacted by someone from Modocat, after viewing their site that’s the song that kept playing over in my head. Modocat offers stylish, trendy and reasonably priced clothing for us “balling on a budget”. I was impressed with the merchandise and layout of the site but disappointed that there were no plus sized options. I was however pleased to learn that Modocat will be offering plus sized clothing soon and I will be assisting them in finding new styles and fashions for the beautifully plump gals like myself!

So here’s the good news for you.

When you shop at Modocat by using MY coupon code (BLACKHAWAII), you will save up to 60% OFF on select items!

Here are a few items that caught my eye!


So shake your little touche on the Catwalk and Happy Shopping!!!


Toodles dude! 😃


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