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Going to the local theater to catch a matinee has seemed to be my entertainment since I’ve relocated to Nashville. When the New Year came I was so excited because I’d finally get the chance to have a girls night out. But nevertheless I do enjoy my theatrical outings with my fiancé and his brother. Tonight we decided we would check out the movie “Hobbit”. I dolled myself up and threw on my new KaOir lipstick called “Sex”. It reminds of something you’d see in a movie, smeared over the face of a woman after wild sex or a domestic dispute. But I loved it and I am really impressed with Keyshia KaOir’s lipstick line. I received so many compliments on it! All in all tonight was a good night. “Hobbit” was a fairly good movie although I fell asleep halfway through because it’s damn near three hours long.

Here’s what I wore!


The shirt I’m wearing is actually a dress. It’s kind of short so it can pass as a shirt, I just tucked the front in. I partnered it with a pair of tribal print tights and my spiked combats and shoulder spiked jacket.



I found this beret at Wal-Mart for five bucks. I’ve always loved them and it reminded me of my late aunt.



I snapped a few shots wearing the dress alone.

The kid in me had to smear it. The lipstick is called “SEX”.. I just had to!

Jacket ~ Forever21
Shirt ~ ( Hi-Lo Dress) FashionToFigure
Tribal Tights ~ YoursClothing
Purse ~ Michael Kors
Necklace ~ Wet Seal
Boots ~ GoJane
Earrings ~ Forever21
Lipstick ~ KaOir

Toodles dude! 😃


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