The Debut.

The Debut.

My close up Mr. Deville, (or Spielberg).

So, it’s 11:00PM here in good old Nashville. I have to be up in less then five hours and I should be sleeping. But- I’m up creating a blog, my first debut to you. I moved to Nashville (from Delaware) in September and since I’ve been here it’s been nothing but b-o-r-i-n-g. The only thing keeping me sane is my fiancé who happens to be the total opposite of me. All I’ve done that I’d somewhat consider fun is spend a day at the shooting range. Born and raised on the east coast I have become accustomed to frequent visits to Boston (my second home), Philly, Jersey, DC, and New York among others. Moving here was a HUGE leap for me. Without my girlfriends to share a piña colada with or family around my days have been rather dull. Therefore, I decided to invest my time into other things that I enjoy doing so, I started this blog! I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’m addicted to retail and anything fried, buttered or frosted (horrible addictions, I know). This blog will be my journey through weight loss, good hair days, bad hair days, outfit of the days/night and of course- my crusade to find some new friends here in Nashville! I look forward to updating you all in my adventures but for now I should probably take it down for work tomorrow. It’s now 11:54PM…

Toodles dude! 🙂


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