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Leopard, License Plates & Catalytic Converters.

I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that a trip to the Motor Vehicle is never a pleasant one. The long waits in line are pretty much universal to any one I’ve ever been to. Ever since I moved to Nashville I have been dreading the day for me to transfer my Delaware drivers license and registration to Tennessee- or shall I say “The Volunteer State”. When that day finally came every reason I despised trips to the “Motor V” were tested. First of all I come from a pretty small state, we have only THREE counties. In my county we have only ONE department of transportation. Kind of a one stop shop, if you will. You go there to get your license, renew registration, inspect your vehicle and to do pretty much everything that needs to be done to drive legally. Even though I hated going there I now realize how much I took it for granted. In Tennessee there is a separate building for EVERYTHING you need done and, none of which are conveniently located. So I spent my Thursday driving around Nashville (no thanks to my GPS) looking for the “next step”. I finally found out where the inspection lanes are located and that is where a bad day became worst. Who knew? Anyway, needless to say my Toyota (who I named Murdle) failed inspection. Why Murdle, Why? As if my fiscal life needed another stab in back.

After driving around Nashville again (this time in search for a mechanic) I managed to come across a local Meineke. I dragged my feet into the small, run down, smelly shop where I was greeted by a big guy named Bert (really his name- the irony). I showed Bert my failed inspection paper and he immediately knew what the problem was. In his heaviest southern accent he belts out a huge laugh and says “So ya didn’t get through ol Marta huh? Looks like dey got ya on codes P0420 and P0430…”
At that point I stopped comprehending because he went into some sort of secret mechanics language and I just had no idea what it meant. The only thing I was looking for him to translate was, how much?? I knew it was time for an oil change so I told Bert to take car of that also. Bert grabbed my keys and proceeded to head towards Murdle. I slumped myself in their surprisingly comfortable chairs, popped my headphones in and focused my thoughts to the tunes of Miguel’s “Kaleidoscope” album.

Shortly after Bert came back out and continued to assist other customers. About thirty minutes later I noticed one of the guys from the back come out and hand Bert my keys. I started to stand up but was interrupted by Bert telling me “Now you hol up darlin, I’ve got ta call around for some numbers. Both yer Catalytic converter’s needs to be replaced so don’t ya hit me when all said and done!” I gave Bert a smirk and went back to “Do You Like Drugs” by Miguel. After several calls Bert finally finished and gave it to me hard like I assumed he would. “OK, Lil lady yer all set here. Now promise you’ll be nice to me.” chuckled Bert. My only reply, ‘how much? Just as I suspected and right before Christmas Murdle wants me to invest $2400 into her. Luckily there was a muffler shop around the corner who said they could do it for $875 plus tax. Still not the cost I was expecting but it was a heck of a lot better then what Meineke wanted.

Life and them darn lemon &limes.

That day I put my limes into my margarita. It was the least I could do to take my mind off of Bert and his numbers…

Dressed and ready to conquer the MV.

Driving past the “Batman Building” in downtown Nashville.

Waiting for Murdle to finish her inspection.

In route to find a mechanic for Murdle though I need to be in route to get my eyebrows waxed!

Rocked NYX Pale Pink that day. I can always appreciate an inexpensive but cute lipstick.

I couldn’t wait to wear these accessories!

I’ve gotten used to sharing a “beverage” with myself. Though I do miss having them over girl talk. -Told ya I put my limes in my margarita 🙂

Pants ~ PlusSizeFix.com
Blazer ~ Local Debs store
Shirt ~ Forever21 Plus
Sneaker Wedge ~ Target.com
Glasses and Chain Bracelet ~ eBay
Mint Color Bracelet ~ F21
Necklace & Earrings ~ FashionToFigure.com
Purse ~ YoursClothing.com

Toodles dude! 🙂


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